EU wants right to UK’s child benefit – even after Brexit – Part ii

Flora Cobb
These whole negotiations are taking a completely farcical turn. Why should a country, independent of the EU give child benefits, to non resident children, when not all EU states do this – only 5 have such reciprocal agreements.
It’s a ludicrous demand, just like all the others.

Would any other independent country agree to such a demand? Of course they wouldn’t.
The Tories are playing a very silly game here. They know the British people will be up in arms if any of the EU’s current demands are met. If they ‘dilute’ brexit in any way, they are toast as a major party. Their rank and file support would disappear overnight.

That they seem to be blissfully unaware of that fact is concerning – not that I’m a Tory supporter, but, at the moment, they are the only hope we have of seeing a proper exit from the EU.

We are not obliged to meet any of the EU’s demands and nor should we.

All the Tories have to do is leave. There are no conditions attached to that and they know it.
The majority who voted leave did so to leave entirely – no conditions, no wrangling, no deals if, in any way, we are left attached to the EU in the slightest way that gives it any say in the running of this country.

GW:  But it’s all about ”Not Leaving” Flora with Mrs WoodenTop in charge.

Spend ONE EURO on referendum and we’ll CUT FUNDS: Madrid in huge threat to Catalonia

It just needs a PRIVATE investor to fund the referendum so it doesn’t come out of the public purse…….what can Spain do then? ………diddly squit” free yourselves from these fools Catalonia they’ll bring you down. Madrid don’t want you to leave because you’re the most prosperous region of Spain……it’ll cripple the country even further. Brüssels have clearly sent in the big wigs to apply more pressure….Brüssels cannot sustain another problem within it’s not so “UNIFIED” bloc. It’s dying more and more by the day.
Excellent point! Why don’t we raise the money 1 Euro at a time. True Rebellion!

Why not set up Crowdfunding? I’m sure that many here in the UK would contribute to give the EU another headache

Good people of Catalonia – stand up and break free from the chains of Spanish oppression and domination! Leave the rotten EU at the same time!

Independence and Freedom for Catalonia!

The UK will then give Catalonia Special Partner Status with the UK, and give you our full support and free trade.

The problem with threatening people with financial punitive measures is it usually polarises people into rejecting the threat and voting against the people issuing the threat. They should have learnt something from the UK when we were threatened with “Project Fear” that we voted against it and are now leaving the EU.

The Spanish Government and their EU backers are panicking. If we hard Brexit with no guarantees for our expats and the EU citizens in the UK then there will be a huge set of job losses in Spain as our people come back. They will also get back some 200,000 odd Nationals who will want Jobs. So they want to retain the status quo – Catalonia would cut the amount of money they put into the Madrid Budget – they represent over 20% of the Spanish GDP and the biggest contributor of Taxes to the Madrid pot. So a Spanish Project Spank.


GW: Catalans have been wanting to leave for years. Just DO it!

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