Is The UK Having A ”Strawberry Summer” In 2017″?

Comment @ New Horizons: ”They have been saying that the UK is having a strawberry summer! That could mean a red sky?”

Iconic British Strawberries Arrive Just in Time for the Summer Spell

”The cool, dry winter, coupled with recent warm weather, which saw temperatures rise to 26C in one of the hottest days of the year, has created the perfect growing conditions for this year’s crop of strawberries. The deliciously juicy and slow-ripened strawberries are now on supermarket shelves in abundance, helping to meet the increasing consumer demand for one of the UK’s favourite fruits.

Over the past year, more than 126000 tonnes of strawberries were sold in the UK, with shoppers spending more than £580 million on the delectable berry. The consumption of fresh berries, which includes strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, has grown by an impressive 132 percent since 2007, outstripping the 49 percent increase of fruit consumption as a whole.

The steady rise in demand comes from an increase in the number of health-conscious shoppers, who are recognising the serious nutritional punch berries pack for every calorie consumed. Berries now make up a remarkable 22 percent of all fruit sold in the UK, and this has pushed the value of the berry industry above £1.2 billion. Where apples and bananas were once the traditional, staple fruit, fresh berries are now the most popular fruit item in shoppers’ baskets.”

Comment @ New Horizons:  Summer Sky = the flash from the atomic bomb perhaps?

Comment @ New Horizons:  Big Ben = 33

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