Jeremy Corbyn is a ‘real threat’ to Theresa May’s premiership, Tory policy chief admits

From my view point I think that that the Tories lost the political argument at the last election. The Tories appear to be out of touch with each other (in the cabinet) let alone in their own party and even more so in the country. The political mountain Corbyn has climbed within a short space of time cannot be ignored yes he is a threat and thank goodness he is because the consequences of his not being so could have been truly calamitous for the country as a whole with a rump end far right faction within a hair’s breadth of gaining control of the Tory party in its entirety and forcing through an un needed hard brexit. I also think that quietly there are a considerable number of Tories and their MP’s who think the same as well. I think are the reasons for Corbyn being a threat. But one of them must be that there are many people who have serious reservations about the direction the Tory party is drifting in at the moment because centre right they aren’t not anymore if they ever were.

Tom Sharp
No money for the NHS and the workers. But plenty for the two aircraft carriers, that will never be used. Plenty for HS2. And 3 possibly 4 maybe more. Most expensive rail system in the world. Plenty of cash for Tridents, even thoughwe haven’t used the present ones. Plenty of cash for MPs pay and generous expenses!  It’s Austerity for the poor but ”business as usual” for tptwtb.

So true. It’s worse than that though. The contracts for the first parts of HS2 have gone to companies that pay money to the Tory Party. In places like Zimbabwe, that would be called corruption, but here it’s just business as usual for Tories.

Really? Certainly Leadsom is thick, but May is as mediocre as it gets. She excels in mediocrity. If mediocrity were an Olympic event, she would be a definite bronze medal winner.

GW: Pherrt! What ”premiership”? Mrs WoodenTop is going hill walking again for the summer break it seems. Wonder how a swimsuit would look?  They seem to be avoided like the plague for some reason.  Goodness it must be all that sand and the sight of people munching 99ers in cones that puts him/her off.

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