Def Leppard Rock of Ages (Has anyone noticed….)


Published on Mar 5, 2013
I was clicking around YouTube and watched Def Leppard’s video for Rock of Ages. I remembered years ago that I noticed during the guitar solo ( 2:56 in the video) that faintly in the background it sounds like they say Jesus Christ is Dead. Has anyone else noticed that before?

Sidney Gouge
He’s talking about the burning of the twin towers WTC to come. Its a ritual to celebrate it. Changing of the times = rock of ages= demolition, conquer and control. We got the power they say speaking for the elites they have the glory from Lucifer, there ain’t no cure in their mind. Rock of Ages keep rollin. An agenda planned for many years to rule the world and become omnipotent like God. The woman is a sacrifice tied and the blood spews from her hand also a woman and blood could symbolize fertility birth of new agenda. Sounds like they are celebrating the crumbling of America. The take down of it. The men in hoods yep satanic. Yet they had power at the time to seem not so harmless at the time to most people because people saw movies and thought it was just rebellious rock and roll. Whether they used their music to warn people of the future or they themselves were celebrating what was to come or if they even wrote the songs or were given them. Who knows but they seem to have had an anti christian stance throughout this and other works its obvious.

Queen – Satanic Illuminati Puppets Exposed
Knights of Christ 139

Published on May 6, 2013
This video exposes the British rock band Queen as Luciferians and Illuminati puppets. It documents their use of Satanic imagery and symbolism, their admission of servitude to Lucifer and the Illuminati, their professed hatred of Christianity and God, and their dedication to the creation of the Babylonian Illuminati New World Order.

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