Brexit & the Death of Capitalism with Tony Gosling

Enter The BuzzSaw

Published on Jun 17, 2016
The 2016 Bilderberg meeting is taking place, and (coincidentally?) mass shootings and major crimes are happening. We explore the agenda of the Bilderbergers, the media manipulation of the world’s elite, and impact of the Brexit vote on the meeting. Will there be any impact for the presidential election in America? How much time do we have before a complete financial collapse? And what about those suspicions of false flag events happening in 2016? We talk to investigative journalist Tony Gosling on this uncensored Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

Michelle Moore
This jacket appears to be an extra-medium. Presumably, Sean is single. No good woman would let such a great looking guy leave the house in this catastrophe. Besides that, thanks for doing this show. The truth is hard to find these days. ps, if you need a stylist or a girlfriend…just sayin’… 😉

SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (edited)
Money is the tool and the weapon. It used to manipulate and weaken us. It’s used to lower our morals, values, integrity, honor, and decency. It’s used to buy people off and get them to commit crimes. Everyone has their price. Money buys power, and when you’ve got more than you could ever spend, and you get a taste of power, then it is like a drug. You become a sociopath at that point, whose only desire is to control people, governments, and nations, and guide their domestic and foreign policy in order to make even more money and fulfill your political special interest agenda. It’s a cyclical and self fulfilling prophesy. That is why the saying: [The love of] Money is the root of all evil, -is true. Really though, it’s the love of the power that money buys over human beings. Is it any wonder that Jewish Usury Lenders historically, are the root of allevil in the world (or most of it). Synagogue of Satan. First Epistle to Timothy in the New Testament (1 Timothy 6:10, KJV): “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Kenneth Mathison
This group just want to play Gods , LOOK AT AGENDA 21, HEGELIAN DIALECT the things that we American take 90 percent of the drugs because they make us sick – PLEASE READ THE BOOK ”THE UNSEEN HAND” IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES//

The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History

I’m sure they are discussing how to allow more and more immigrants to Europe…
because they are interested in wiping out all the national identities. They want to have a grey crowd of people without a common origin. Such a crowd is easier to Kontrol.

If you STILL don’t know who the Bilderbergers are.

Die Nagetiere kommen in Dresden im Jahr 2016.  Haben sie ihre Opfer in den Taschen?

nonmerci monsanto

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