Johnny SuperTramp: ”A Big Event Is On The Way. Grenfell Was a Prelude.”

Johnny SuperTramp3
”We have to maintain back-up channels – They are knocking us down like 9 pins.”
”’They’ are deleting Truth Channels and threatening anyone who is a threat in exposing ‘them.’ The last thing ‘they’ want is for the truth to get out.”

No Hate Speech = No Free Speech.

Published on Jul 1, 2017
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GW: Yes all those fires in July. It’s as if someone is going about with a box of matches innit. The latest one @Burnt Oak in North London. Interesting that a random fire should suddenly go up in a place called ”Burnt Oak”.  Tptwtb must be getting ready for something.  

The Oak Tree has esoteric meaning for ”them”.  For instance – King Arthur’s round table was made from a single cross section of a large Oak.

And the anxiety of all is being rammed to the max. See comment below.

Huge London fire sees area sealed off as 500 evacuated over explosion fears
21 July 2017

Both Black and White Folk should understand that these so called ”racist chants” ”bigoted outbursts” are nothing of the sort ‘They are wake up calls for everyone of every colour and creed …

This island is reaching saturation point and it is becoming unsustainable – and worse – It is taking place in an Island where we have two leading Government protagonists in total DENIAL of the magnitude of what is happening,

Their crazy march towards a Multicultural policy is going to become their weakest link... The fact that they are in denial is to become their ”hopping pot” in due course, because no matter what colour we are WE all are destined to face the sweet music of a nightmare Catastrophe of biblical proportions when this idiocy of overcrowding saps the lifeblood out of our Island and reaches its ZENITH in a year or two from now… It’s not going to be nice… Let’s hope that the Government and the Establishment realise that some of the emotive terms being used on here are being produced not as a deliberate ”’racist rant”’ But out of provocation driven by one of the most outrageous plans in all of history To flood countries with too many people to the point that it’s vital infrastructure starts to buckle at the knees We are almost at that point and it is causing alarm – emotive language is the product of frustration..… For everyone’s sake listen to us will you come out of your bubble ….YOUR POWERS ARE NOT UNLIMITED You ‘with your denial’ are putting Democracy at risk …. You Bought a ‘Socialist lie’ That Immigration was an asset and an enrichment It isn’t and it wasn’t ….

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