In Out In Out Shake It All About – Part ii

Oscar Tritt

“Borders are only required due to the huge difference in wealth across the world.”

They are more than that. Borders define a particular demos by which democracy functions. They facilitate identification with a nation of shared history, values, culture, language and laws.

There are, according to reports, already 30 million people in North Africa seeking to come to Europe and, especially, the UK. Most have no skills to offer, no money – and they have ways that are completely at odds with ours, as we have seen in Cologne.

We need our borders and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Borders are what keep the peace in a world. Funnily enough all the social unrest has been as a result of relaxing these borders. If you believe in evolution you have to believe in differences between human beings.

I think for those of us who voted leave this is actually not bad news. OK the timelines may be longer, but eventually we will close our borders down (which is a good thing) yet still allowing movement up to then. New arrivals will probably not be entitled to the automatic stay until they have been here 5 years or so, so we should eventually stop the inflow. We who voted for Brexit did not expect them to suddenly start manning ports and airports with entry and exit stamps in their hand; that was unrealistic. This article seems to suggest that Remain has ‘won anyway’ – that is not true; they are just imposing a realistic transition phase.

Joeys Jorler
Before the election we were told repeatedly that Brexit was a “Political” action NOT an “Economic” one. This is a betrayal of democracy and the British electorate. Kick out Hammond NOW and LEAVE the EU NOW with NO deal!

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