Brexit: Tory Cabinet ‘accepts free movement will continue for years after Britain leaves EU’

”The UK is prepared to maintain free movement for EU citizens for up to four years after Brexit, reports have suggested.

Theresa May is ready to offer free movement for two years, according to The Times, while The Guardian quoted “a senior Cabinet source” as saying the period could last for three or even four years.

Philip Hammond was said to be confident he has won support within the Cabinet for a transition to prevent disruption to business caused by a sudden “cliff-edge” move to new arrangements on 29 March 2019, when Britain is set to leave the EU.”

The Tory is dead meat now. The Labour party will win easily. That is not what people want and that is not what people voted for and since they cannot deliver what people voted for let them read it clearly, it is the last time Tories will be seen in power and if anyone can disprove us then disprove us in the next election. If there was an election today Tory will lose by more than 20 points.

John Mills
EU and the people who pull the strings of our two main political parties are so close to achieving their plans to implement the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. 5 years should do it.  Irreversible ethnic cleansing and genocide of the indigenous people of Europe. The process is well underway in US, Australia, Canada rest of Europe.

This isn’t a plan or a conspiracy. This is the consequences of globalisation and technology that makes travel cheap and easy.

Desperate to cling onto the hope of the globalist philosophy of free movement of both penniless and useless migrants. No, it’s a hard brexit. We can create employment next by I.d. cards and squadrons of indigenous Brits to swoop on every city and town centre to remove the freeloaders.

and will these ‘indigenous Brits’ whoever they are…be wearing shirts of any particular colour? Blue/Black/Brown…hardly Pink…and will Doc.Martens be included free of charge as part of the uniform?

Mr Rees-Mogg…. you walk and talk and look like a Conservative (of another era), but that does not add up to your being typical, no sir, not at all! And there are so many different ducks out there, not just the wild and tame sorts….!! (Who else regularly …in dies…speaks Latin besides yourself and Gove?!)

The tax payers mainly. I’m number one choice as I pay the higher rate, my company adds vat to every invoice and pays corporation tax.

GW: There is a story in Watford Observer of a single woman who came to UK ”to work” – promptly got pregnant – delivered a baby – asked for accommodation for herself & baby – Council found her a room in a shared house – she is not satisfied with that of course etc etc etc.

Tiny room ‘unsuitable’ for single mum and seven-week-old baby seven_week_old_baby/

Nobody i know who voted out is either racist or xenophobic, certainly not compared to any other country in the eu. The fact is that the bloc is systemically racist, corrupt and anti-democratic, and i want no part of it. Free trade has always been the UK philosophy, but has never been reciprocated by the likes of France; we have a very long and laudable tradition of welcoming foreigners here, unlike most of our eu partners. But it is clear that Remoaniacs have a problem with immigration from outside the eu – now THAT is racist.

Hmmm years ago GW was treated with utter contempt by a French employee of Le Metro for not having good enough French but then a very nice French businessman stepped forward to help ”sort out” the ramifications of la grève

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