Philip ‘nurses are overpaid’ Hammond rakes in £10k a month in rent whilst living rent-free off the taxpayer

David Edward Hope
Dear Mr Hammond, Please come and spnd a 12 and a half hour shift with me on my dementia ward and then tell me if I am overpaid.

Sandra Humphries · Kendrick Grammar School for Girls, Reading
Last week I went into hospital for a small op on my foot and had to stay in overnight because I’d had anaesthetic. The nurses and all the other staff, ie. the cleaners, the staff who brought our tea and coffee and meals, were wonderful. Anytime I had to ask for something I kept apologising because i knew how overworked and shorthanded they were, but they smiled and did it willingly. They are worth far more in this world than the politicians, particularly the Tories!!!  God Bless all the hard pressed NHS workers.  GW also knows from first hand experience how wonderful they all are.

Eileen McKnight-smith · Stanley, Durham, United Kingdom
Let’s just make things clear regarding Philip Hammond’s comment that public sector workers get paid more than private sector. Who are the Private sector workers? They are many of our carers who have to work for private companies, hospital cleaners, hospital caterers all on abusive hourly rates, they are prison officers working for low wages, there are delivery drivers working in the abusive ‘gig’ economy barely making a living wage while their companies charge them for the hire of their vehicles and make them pay for their own diesel whilst paying them £2 for a delivery. They are the likes of Amazon and Sports Direct working on zero hours contracts and the Post Office workers. The list is enormous and all of them are working people struggling to earn a living. So Hammond is fudging the categories because they sold all these services off to abusive private companies.

Just wanted to put that out there. It is not an issue of Private Sector vs Public Sector – it is an issue of abusive Tories selling off these businesses to the private sector.

Slip Slap Slip Slap Slip Slap.  Rattle Rattle Creak. GW?  Yes Gideon what is it?  Well GW we have all been sitting in the conservatory watching the rain trickle down the glass and counting the drops and then finally Olwayne asked where you were.  So I said you were on your way but in fact I see that you are still not even dressed!  Well Gideon here in the Mirror.  Stoppit GW.  Enough is enough.  For Goodness Sakes hurry up!  Is that really the time Gideon?  Well Gideon, why don’t you break out those English Breakfast Muffins and a fresh lot of Martyn’s Colombia Supremo and I will be there shortly.  Well GW you just get a hurry on.

Ah NLAT how on Earth are you?  You have been @ Evolve Politics all morning?  Yes we have seen that Hammond comment about the nurses but let’s take a look at what Evolve has got to say shall we?  More Muffin Olwayne?  Absolutely perfect Gideon.  Is Ethelreda here yet Gideon?

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