BBC pay: ‘Soon you can afford a MAN’ Emily Maitlis shock dig at bosses amid Newsnight FURY

”Amid rumours she may not renew her contract at the Beeb, it was revealed Ms Maitlis is earning far less than her Newsnight co-host Evan Davis.

She was not listed as one of 96 BBC stars earning more than £150,000 which was released to outrage yesterday, meaning her salary is less.

But it was revealed that Mr Davis, her co-host, earns up to £299,999 a year.”

The English nationalist

RE: 1: Chris Evans, Presenter (£2,200,000 – £2,249,999)
Is it me? I find it odd that one of the most disliked disc jockey`s the BBC has ever had,
is the highest paid, the BBC seem to take great enjoyment in T ing the public off !

GW: Here at ”Watch Under the Willows” Gideon & Myself gave up watching Newsnight exactly because Mr Davis is so mediocre! If Newsnight has degenerated to such an extent that it is now merely a soap opera, at least Maitlis is personable looking.  Davis on the other hand, is extremely ”challenged” in the looks department.  However, just as with the NHS and other UK Institutions, the BBC is probably being ”softened up” ready to be sold off to Rupe at a knockdown price.

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