Three anti-Corbyn hacks tried to whip up a new smear campaign at the weekend. The results were not as they’d hoped.

Anti Corbyn? Daniel Pearce Jackson Hodges Beth Rigby & of course David Aaronovitch

Dan Hodges

Hodges used to describe himself as the Blairite cuckoo in the Labour nest. But by the 2017 general election, he finally switched his vote to Conservative. His political predictions are legendary. Who knew one man could be so wrong, so consistently?

The Mail columnist confidently predicted the victories of David Miliband and Hillary Clinton. And his view on the 2017 general election?

Dan Hodges – Scary Stuff Indeed Dan!

Quotes about ”shifting sands” under the feet of some politicians & observations about the parasitic nature of the ”cuckoo” seem oddly enough to fit the persona known as Daniel Pearce Jackson Hodges rather well.  It could be said that ”Dan” has been known to participate in some serious shapeshifting.


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