London Acid Attack HOAX_Victim in studio next day

They’re Distorting Our Rhythm2

Published on Jul 15, 2017
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All BS, just the usual theatre we call ‘news’ from the well known and proven LYING zionist media.

It doesn’t make sense, moped drivers mostly all wear crash helmets that cover there entire face, why would anyone bother throwing acid in their face?

Barb MacMaster (edited)
Oh lets make carrying acid a crime because everybody carries acid!! Good reason to check everybody and search bags etc.

with all these phony baloney london attacks do you think that crap movie ‘london has fallen’ was predictive programming

Makes you wonder what the hell they are trying to achieve with this hoax especially when the media makes comments like…Acid is the weapon of choice for teenagers. The psychology used in this is appalling and the media are criminal instigators of the mind

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