UK Column News 19 July 2017

@ George Greek Trucker

  • Why have tptb not got an apron around Grenfell Tower by now?  This would prevent Asbestos and Victim Remains being blown out of the building on to the surrounding area.
  • Meeting – Grenfell: Facing the Hard Questions – Maxilla Social Club 2 Maxilla Walk W10 6ST – Saturday 22 July 12:00 – 17:00  Nearest Tube Latimer Road.
  • A copy of The BofKC Notting Barns South: Draft Final Master Plan Report has been obtained by UK Column.
  • Happy families living in poorer areas in Plymouth were ”decanted” in order for re-generation to take place.
  • Tptb did the same in Brixton.  The community was ”wiped out” by re-generation.  Tptb have wanted to demolish that Tower for a long long time.
  • The community around Grenfell Tower has shown itself to be tight and welcoming to strangers including the UK Column reportage team when they arrived earlier this week.  However they do not intend to just ”roll over” for tptwtb as has happened in other communities such as Brixton and Devonport they said.
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