NHS nurse ordered to pay £150,000 in fines to private firm for parking at hospital where she works

”Private parking firm ”Indigo” brought the case against the NHS staff @ University Hospital Cardiff Wales who parked in visitor parking while at work because there is not enough space for them all to use the allocated staff parking.’

”One woman told the BBC she can spend almost an hour on some days searching for a place to park.

Cardiff and Vale Hospital Trust issues more than 8,500 car parking permits to staff but there are about 1,800 employee parking spaces on the entire site – meaning there is not enough space for staff.”

Department of Health have permitted a private parking company to prosecute NHS Staff just trying to do their job. There is no common sense anywhere. It was like David and Goliath – and David lost,” Sue Prior, a local parking campaigner – told Wales Online.


Dear me. What an obscene situation. It really beggars belief. What has Britain come to under the jurisdiction of the Tories and the absolute cretins who vote them into power?

Big Dave
8500 hospital staff were issued with a parking permit by the hospital. The hospital management use a private firm to manage their car park. And of course, the parking permits are only valid in an area which can only accommodate a fraction of the staff, which holds 1800 staff. I’m sure that more than 1800 of 8500 are on duty at any given time.

As the issuers of the permits, the hospital management have a duty to provide sufficient car parking spaces to their staff. By signing up a contract with some pirate, er I mean, private firm to manage the car parking, without including these spaces for staff, it is they who should be held responsible (as individuals) for the parking charges. But that won’t happen, as privatisation invariably works to maximise the profits of the spivs at the expense of the workers.

Why outsource parking when clearly, the hospital and/or NHS would financially benefit and, hopefully, be less avaricious than this private company?

A view from Canada.

To the Hills
Why blame the Tories for another lousy Labour policy. This is one of Tony Blair earlies policies to encourage us “workers” to use public transport to get to work rather than the executive cars he and his ministers used to swan about in.

Nice to see a Labour policy damaging public sectors workers again! And No Blair is not a Tory and never has been.

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