London Bridge: PC Sam Philpot (Hero? or Hoaxer?)

Smoken Mirrors
Published on Jul 17, 2017

TIM Zarathustra
Bluddie HELL. The satanists have cojoined with the other rectum assaulters.

Lord Sugar
Fake as … why would he be wearing his police uniform on a television interview. Surely you wouldn’t wear your work uniform unless you were told to.

Mr Psaro
This was filmed in the studio a week ago. And the crisis actor with the red shirt still has a wound dressing. Seriously?

I am no expert but his body language seemed all off bro when he was going over the events of that “fateful day!” You could see him blush, like you do when your telling your teacher that your dog ate your homework!!! Also, he kept looking and nodding at the “knife victim” as he was going over the chain of “events,” for reassurance, to make sure their scripts matched and he didn’t say anything that differed. What are the odds that there are 2 bent coppers in London~ that’s unusual for our fair capital, don’t you think? Fairplay bro, keep em rolling, thankyou, peace, love and light, cheers.

Sam Philpott: I Was Off Duty At The Time

PC Philpott makes it into Pink News.

Is Mr Philpot riding with the Beast?

walton market
sam 33 in english ordinal. Philpot = every masonic number common to a fake news story.
PC Philpot = 47 in Chaldean. Trump = 47 in reverse ordinal. mirror image of 47 is 74 Masonic = 74 killing = 74 London = 74. It is complete and utter crap news story . Delete from your memory. Have a nice new day under the New WORLD Order. Lots more to come yet. get ready.  Why thank You.

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