Labour group urges party to do more to appeal to the English

Qasim Lenny: The way the British people have betrayed their non-white neighbours in the wake of mass migration from Europe is despicable. You should be ashamed.  Yes Labour needs to stop being so pro-immigration as the recent migrants have been less hard working to say least.  And people need to distinguish between refugees and migrants.

The real problem for the UK is the growing disaffection of the English who feel that their concerns have been largely ignored since 1997 when the the other nations received devolution. The English have been told effectively to shut up, pay up and that devolution is not for them.

This feeling of disaffection delivered “Brexit” and will if not addressed cause the break up of the United Kingdom.

Are politicians up to the task? Of course they aren’t. By and large we are governed by pretty third rate politicians in ALL political parties at the present time

There some forms of racism and tribal hatred that seem to be almost obligatory to self-styled progressives and lefties: hatred of the English, Jews, Americans, Tories and Labour moderates being top of the list.

Thanks to Labour Left for the link.

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