Jay-z is a Boule’ Freemason trying to flaunt his wealth, cause envy, and make you mad, to riot and revolt

14 July 2017

”As with any long drawn out psychological operation the OJ saga is once again, like the Bill Cosby episodes, being capitalized upon for the continued demoralization of the Black man as a final tool for the breakdown and degradation of society when the time comes.”

”His main role is to INCITE old school antisemitism against jews, when there is actually a group of devil worshipers calling themselves jews hiding within the religion that are coaxing other jews to join in the spoils as to once again, brainwash people into scapegoating the jews as they did in WWII. When in reality certain jewish families like the rothschilds and rockefellers are propelled to wealth and status and used merely as scapegoats for much larger, wealthier old school ancient bloodline families of every elite descension that are part of a cult that worships the nephilim/annunaki ‘gods’ that are the ‘fallen angels of satan’ – who are ‘merely’ extra terrestrial outlaws.”

”The real NWO is the templar/jesuit/catholic beast that attempts to restore ‘peace and prosperity’ after they have let their lubavitcher/nazi/mason wrecking crew make our society internationally impalletable to the rest of the world – as to facilitate the necessity of a cleanup – que the church and their mark of the beast and a newer, bigger financial and religious center of the world Israel.”

The con is multifaceted.


Published on Jul 10, 2017

”I would have to say, minus a few spiritual misconceptions, Kijani here is right on the mark as far as his assertion that, along with Hollywood’s nazi propaganda team, and jay-z’s black race riot provocateuring, cop killings and trump’s fumbling, obama will rise as cream to the top of milkfat as a ‘beacon of peace’ in the restructuring of america for the nwo.”


Politically Incorrect Archive

  1.  ”The bad news is the music industry is intentionally perverting the youth and needs to be literally killed off. They are to blame for manifesting this type of action among boys at that age. I will be starting with Grohl, assuming he doesn’t take his “Sweet and Divine Razor Of Mine” way out. When S-Hits-the-fan are you still a fan? God as his witness, Guilty All the Same. Now you know why Cobain and other Seattle Artists like Cornell killed themselves and what Katy Perry’s Videos are about. Endless Ritual Occult Sadism targeted at my soul and the others who have been souled out by sodomite vampires who feed off the pain they have manifested in others life to bring the music industry literally to life. The Beast of the Sea is found in the Soundwaves. Get it. Sea of People. Sea-Tale.”
  2.  ”The occult and dark arts used against us today. I will not enlighten you to them. See no evil, know no evil in your case here. They are the things which have fueled the underground and manifested their demons, abominations and other plagues of the mind in our society. Buried Mythology from the cold void of the cosmos that leads men astray from the sun. Take the Islam moon cult as the first step down the slippery slope we collectively worked so hard to climb up out of since the invention of sundial to grandfather clocks. Their calendar doesn’t align properly because they ultimately base time off the moon in numbering days. Not efficient. Hence the term Luna-Tic. They have turned back on progress and have always wanted to revert back to pre-christianity cultural norms. IN Genesis, they measured human lives in terms of moon-ths. Hence ages like 700 are really just 70 year old men in an era where most only see 30 sun years or 300 moons. Everything we have in modern society is thanks to following the sun in pursuit of higher order. Operating in conjunction with the moon and stars but ultimately the Sun is where you should set your focus. It grows the crops, makes the clouds, guides the seasons, etc… Thank the countless and nameless Watchmakers, the Map Makers, The Star Gazers, The blacksmiths and the rest.”
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