Blair Blah Blah Blah Part ii

‘PROJECT SMEAR’ Meddling Tony Blair SLAPPED DOWN after ‘patronising’ Brexit voters

EUbanker-political super failure state
The people of Boston want out of the EU because between third world and EU immigrants their town has become unrecognisable. All very well for the odious Bliar, on his £3 million a year hand out (for the past decade), from the huge and corrupt JP Morgan, to try to dismiss Brexit voters as ignorant, when he doesn’t live in the real world, and the consequences of uncontrolled immigration. Bliar has a £30 million property portfolio so no doubt loves the sky-high rents UK landlords now charge, (and in many cases for sub standard homes), due to a critical housing shortage. Bliar doesn’t have to wait sometimes weeks for a GP appointment or endless hours at A&E  (it’s instant private treatment for the Bliars of this world). The man should be serving a prison sentence for taking this country to war on a false premise (WMDs), the loss of so many young service personnel, the hundreds coming home with limbs blown off, the thousands of civilians killed by assisting the USA in bombing raids and the cost to this country of hundreds of billions of £s. When this man speaks about anything it is wise to ignore him. I refuse to accept the views of a proven liar whose track record shows him to be a greedy, power-hungry, psychopath.

Do as your sister city Boston, Massachusetts did; have a “tea party” of sorts!


What he’s actually saying is all his cronies including Heseltine, Kinnock, Ashdown, Clarke, Soames, OMG what a rogue’s gallery this is becoming …. and the Vote Remain group and lobby groups and Mandleson and Cameron and Unions and Labour and Amber Crudd, Philip Hammond, Ruth Davidson, NickelArse Clegg and some foreign fella with the woman they should have locked-up, some foreign fella who left his country after some GDP and gold thing, some fishy people in the lowlands, Osborne, Big business living off cheap slave labour, a load of traitors, the likes of offshore boys like Branson and Geldof, then oh dear lord why Mister Sugar ..….
and of course Mister Stuart Rose where’s he gone…. same place as the Ed Stone?……

Many more including all the has beens, the wannabes and the failures dependent on an EU grant instead of working for a living… then Boris Johnson’s EU funded dad shoving his nose on front row with that daughter of his……

including Tony Blair’s intervention in the EU referendum and all the invited EU cronies on stages and platforms, the BBC and lefty media and the cosy cafe set of Notting HIll and Islington Towers…..

And a cast of many more demanding the people live in slavery and misery so they can make more money and have a seat at the EU table to lobby and define policy, strategy and practices favouring their own businesses…..

ALL did not do a very good of explaining the benefit of staying tethered to the stinking sinking ship of continental europe and Scandinavia called the European Union.

In effect he is damning them all including his own efforts.

Does he realise what he’s actually saying by telling us no-one got the message?

Hope he isn’t expecting a free lunch from any of ’em.

If it helps, Anthony Blair we can assure you very seriously and confidently the majority listened, considered it carefully and decided to leave.

Man goes abroad, makes a load of money, comes back and insults all those pro EU luvvies. Charming !


Glad I added my vote to LEAVE THE EU.
No regrets.
No Surrender !

Let Blair speak more and more. His vanity is amusing.

I tend to think the more this Blair creature shouts, protests and threatens. The more good he is doing to the leavers cause. The man is toxic, And I doubt very much that even the remoaners want him to help their cause, because it makes people vote against anything that is involving him.

As for saying he now wants to discuss the issues! Well, this is what the Remain campaign team should have done during the campaign, as everyone expected to hear the facts and issues debated so that we all could make an informed choice.

Instead, we were subjected to Project Fear and an unbroken patronising attitude from Remain campaigners and the BBC. Company chief executives, academics, etc. were all wheeled out and we were clearly expected to just unquestioningly defer to their opinion and vote Remain, like good, obedient little children! Leave he thinking to the grown-ups, hey, Mr. Blair!

However, I decided that I wasn’t going to hear facts and proper arguments from the Remain camp, unlike the Leave camp. So I decided to invest in some books that examined the EU and its workings and made up my own mind. Immigration didn’t even appear in my radar because I found so many other things to be bothered about or not like about he EU.

EUbanker-political super failure state
Me too! I did not make my choice about the EU based on reading either The Guardian or The Daily Mail. I went off and did tons of independent research into the EU (over a year before the date of the referendum). Like you I was appalled at what I discovered and would have voted Leave even if there wasn’t uncontrolled immigration courtesy of the EU Free Movement laws. The lack of transparency in the EU (endless deals made behind closed doors), the unelected Commission having far too much power, the hundreds of millions that go missing every year (so EU accountants can’t ever sign off on audits), the ECB going QE insane……That’s just for starters. It would take a book to go into the single currency alone (how it has decimated the Southern EU nations while making Germany mega rich). Remoaners keep saying we were, ‘Lied to’ by the Leave campaign. No we weren’t, we were lied to by them. None of them will come clean about the EU, nor will the EU serving BBC.

What a shameless, patronising hypocrite Tony Blair is! The EU Referendum was won by the Leave campaign by 52% to 48%. This margin was all that was necessary.

When Wales had a referendum on whether or not to have an assembly, the winning vote was only 50.3%, and on a much lower turnout. Tony Blair never protested this result, never refused to implement it or get it reversed. Nor did he say “It’s not as though the result was 75%-25%.”

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