Blair Blah Blah Blah Part i

‘PROJECT SMEAR’ Meddling Tony Blair SLAPPED DOWN after ‘patronising’ Brexit voters

”The former PM was accused of “patronising” Northern voters following a controversial TV interview broadcast yesterday.

He suggested people living in towns such as Barnsley and Boston were not informed enough during last year’s EU referendum campaign.

Mr Blair claimed many of them do not “understand the difference between being part of the single market, and being outside of it”.”

A lot of people didn’t realise what they were going to get when they voted for him to be PM, but they’ll never make that mistake again

From the man who overcrowded and trashed our country because he hates it.

The Great Escape
What we voted for was clearly stated on the £9 million pounds worth of Leaflets, paid for by the tax payers and posted to every house in the UK by David Cameron’s Project Fear Team ! – We Voted Leave !

Blair and others like him during their remain campaigns never told the electorate of the consequences and cost of remaining in the EU. This in itself is a way of not admitting the truth and at best certainly misleading the public.

FARRON and others like him Clegg, Soubry, Cameron, Blair along with all the other remoaners – Never identified and STILL refuse to explain what the outcome of a vote to remain in the EU would have actually meant in real terms to the UK.

That’s because they did and still don’t want you to know.

It most certainly would not have remained a simple situation of “Status Quo”. Things within the EU would not have carried on plodding along as in the last twelve months.

The EU was and still is changing rapidly with sometimes laws changed on a daily basis.

Introducing laws, which will make it much harder and more costly for countries to leave the EU in the future, if at all because of even further complex negotiations. In doing so securing, safeguarding & guaranteeing the EU Elites futures and their personal prosperity from massive pension funds paid out to all connected to the EU Circus.

Introducing laws to further a greater political union. Rather than the original common market for trading purposes.

Introducing laws, which will not reflect the needs of our SMALLER businesses. Something that UKIP has been fighting for (More power to our smaller businesses).

Implementing budget increases that are only sustainable by fewer and fewer EU countries that are NET CONTRIBUTERS like the UK.

Don’t forget that around 16% of all VAT collected in the UK is also transferred into EU Coffers separately and also they set most VAT rates on products and services.

Making states accept quotas on migrants, with ever-increasing pressure on the UK to do far more. Even though the UK is not a member of the Schengen agreement.

Making states contribute towards further bailouts with the same increasing pressure on the UK to also contribute. Were any refusals will be punished by using financial penalties like fines or other secondary / back door methods of extracting the money from the UK. Politicians like Farron who support the UK remaining in the EU know this goes on but go along with it because they think these payments are hidden from public scrutiny. A typical example was Osborne paying money into the IMF (towards bailouts) rather than into the EU directly. On the pretence it’s only a loan and eventually we the tax payers get the money back.

A REMAIN vote should not have been construed by remainers as back to “Business as Usual” or “EU Polices will resume untouched”.

Any remainer like Blair thinking so is either deluded or in cloud cuckoo land or could not give two hoots.

There would most certainly be much greater financial costs in the future to the UK by remaining in, rather than leaving NOW whatever the divorce settlement bill might be.

Many of the changes within the current plans of the EU were only held back because of Brexit. They are only still being held back now because of other elections coming up throughout the EU. They cannot afford to introduce them so as not to trigger even more countries to leave.

This is something nobody on the ‘remain campaign’ ever mentioned or would explain even though I personally asked remainers at every opportunity during their campaigning. Perhaps Blair would do so now if some reporter dare ask him.

By not informing the UK public of these consequences, remainers were every bit as devious as any Brexit claim. Politicians like Blair, Clegg and others not identifying what was known to be happening in the EU, were being totally dishonest and guilty of attempting to mislead the public from the real truth of voting to remain.

No wonder there is so much distrust in politicians of all political parties.

It’s not very often that I would read anything as long-winded as your comment seems to be on the surface. That said, your comments are precise, to the point, and if I am been honest, a lot better than anything that I could have said.
It is a must read for all those who are serious about leaving. I take my hat off to you sir.

And once again today someone has used the figure 52%-48% as being not much difference. The full facts of that figure of course are that over 1,270,000 more people voted to LEAVE the EU.

But you can see where Mr Blair is going with this.
I mean what was a few more Iraqis dead right Mr Blaire? it was only 1% or 2% of the population right?
or over 1,250,000 Iraqis which when put like that would make it look like a genocide wouldn’t it?

EUbanker-political super failure state
When ever I see photos of Bliar I am reminded of that old saying, ‘The eyes are the window to the soul’. Look at Bliar’s eyes, they are like the eyes of a dead Cod. He doesn’t have a soul which is why he is a parasitical psychopath.

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