Undercover Teacher 3/6


Published on Apr 7, 2008
Education teacher immigration UK documentary europe identity islam

Thanks to AanGirfan for the link.

HGS seriously did used to look like a dump.. was bullied and treated like crap by the inbreds that went there / teachers didn’t help me even though it was obvious they knew i was being bullied.. I left in 2007 with 5 GCSE’s all d – c grades just enough to get into a college.. i worked my ass off and it sure as hell paid off.. left with 3 A’s and a B and got accepted to Warwick University 🙂

I was sentenced to highbury grove and believe me it was probably the worst time of my life no heating in winter but heating in summer?….lol, bullying, guns knives,drugs etc etc. Personally i believe it was premeditated by the government to dumb us down. I left at 14yrs old and taught myself because i just wasn’t gaining any education.

the problem is they take our kindness for a weakness well people are waking up now this multicultural project is coming to an end the lion is stirring – wait till it roars.

I don’t believe physical punishment is the answer but rather mental torture. I think that misbehaved kids should be sent to a Detention centre, except when I say detention centre I mean more of a Police Jail cell. And instead of being there for say an hour or 2, they should have to spend several hours and the real bad ones up to several days or even weeks. That way you’re seriously punishing the bad apples and at the same time the good kids can learn with the absence of the bad ones.

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