There are just over 3 million people born in the EU living in the UK

11. Of the 2 million immigrants living in the UK who have arrived since 2004, 1.1 million have come from the EU8 countries of Eastern Europe that joined in 2004. In particular, they made up the overwhelming majority of immigrants who arrived between 2004 and 2009. Around 560,000 have come from the EU14 countries of Western Europe with many having arrived since 2010.

12. An estimated 250,000 people born in Romania and Bulgaria and now living in the UK have also arrived since 2004. Over 70,000 arrived in 2014, the year they gained full access to the UK labour market.

‘Brexit changed my view of Europe’ Angela Merkel reveals shock as EU divorce talks begin

Another headline report I read today…..another 1.5 million people will come to the UK unless we take control of our borders quickly, and we actually have politicians who want to remain in the EU to ruin this country and to continue to live under the jackboot of Merkel and her pondlife in Brussels.

leave first – talk later – but not before we get back a sizeable rebate for all the hundreds of billions the eu has frittered away

I would try to ask the Germans if they will think Merkel is successful. In Munich Bavaria everyone here is wondering what will happen next as she refuses to entertain any other viewpoint than her own. The violence and disruption plus the inability to find any sort of flat or accommodation in the cities is really disturbing for most Germans plus the daily sexual assaults. – they are not all racist but realize that flooding Germany with over 1 million new people, not always non-violent, each year will end very badly.

It’s very true. Germany is the only member state doing well out of the EU – trade surplus, enough money to afford a couple million freeloaders….No austerity there.

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