Instagram of a Rockefeller and Nicky Hilton, PART 2: Project Monarch #Pizzagate

Carolyn Limaco

Published on Jul 16, 2017
Link to PART 1 of this video:

LJ Paris
Really interesting! Thank you for this. YES I agree and have noticed this on Chelsea Handler’s eyes as well!

One of her eyes is literally HALF the size of the other...and many more quote “celebrities” unquote…have the same thing! Didn’t know why though…considered MK Ultra programming…but wasn’t sure WHY they did it to them.

Also…in multi-generational Satanism, they raise their children as the opposite sex...
because, in their rituals they conjure and invite demonic spirits to USE their bodies. It’s the only way they believe the demons can manifest and do Satan’s bidding.

These spirits don’t want to be in a body that is made in the image of GOD…so multi-generational satanists raise their children as the opposite sex…except it’s not transgendered because they keep both sets of body parts. This RE-creates them in the image of the Baphomet…the divine androgen.

Looking at Nicky Hilton now…with a fresh set of enlightened eyes…

I believe he was definitely born a male. That’s a boy imo. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Paris was one too.

They call it “secret tranny”…but it’s not a tranny…it’s both sexes for the reasons I stated.

This also is an act of deception, that causes straight men to lust after other men…young girls to lust after girls (lots of videos about Justin Beiber being born a girl) Gay men to lust after women…Gay women to lust after men…

They literally like to turn the world on its ear.

I am still learning about all of this too…this is what caused me to go back to church…it’s about the most EVIL thing I’ve ever had to absorb!

Thank you so much for all your good work!

Please don’t stop!
: )

Fritz conveniently forgot to mention the Black Nobility bloodlines, these families work from the shadows like the Gigi, Farnese, Aldobrandini (Rothschilds married into bloodline in 1974) Fendi, Breakspear, maybe because he wanted to stay alive.

Dirty Wise
Mariana’s Trench is used to describe the deepest parts of the deep Web.

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