HUMANITY vs INSANITY #96 : The End of Privacy

Ian R Crane

Published on Jul 14, 2017
Dr Graham Downing shares his insight into the rapid acceleration of the Technocratic agenda and the plan to implement UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME to accelerate the removal of personal autonomy … the Corporate use of the term ‘HUMAN RESOURCES’ should tell you all you need to know!

NOTE: HvI #95 ‘BURYING TRUTH’ is available here :

Re: the burritos – it’s apparently called ‘cultural appropriation’ by the Marxist totalitarian nutjobs. In other words if you can make a good curry and you’re not Asian, then you should apologize for your ‘theft’ and pay reparations to someone who is Asian because you didn’t invent the concept of curry. If that idea was applied equally across the board, think of the levies the West could slap on the rest of the planet for using their inventions…but to do that would be called ‘racist’, no doubt.

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