Blair left speechless after Ridge questions his European Union legacy

”The former Prime Minister stuttered through his answer when Sky News’ Sophy Ridge grilled him on his ambitions for the European Union and Labour Party reforms, which are now both dead in the water.”

Tony Blair is a great unifier, both the left and the right hate him, although the Lib Dems have set up a quango to see how they should feel about him and whether it’s ethically correct to feel that way, they expect an answer by 2050.

Mixed race and British proud
Think about these comments made by leading UK politicians about the white British.

Tony Blair “My beige c@loured nation.”

Jack Straw. “The English are a race not worth saving.” and “The English are a very violent race.”

David Cameron. “Britain is too white.”
These are pretty scary comments. Personally as a mixed race person, I feel like I am being used by the left, neoliberals and Neocons. I neither seek or want privilege. I came out of a bombed out under class post war slum and today I am very wealthy. Like most from that time, nobody gave me nowt and I expected nowt.

I cannot believe that I look around my town and see fellow young brits, sleeping in door ways whilst dysfunctionals who have just come in cop houses and benefits. ITS INSANE and very suspicious. Personally having lived all over the world, British culture is, fast becoming was, the best of a global bad job. I like living with culturally British people, be they bla,,ck whlte or br@wn and am willing to accept only gay people. Further than that I consider it it deviance.

Mixed race and British proud
Have you noticed Blair only pops his head up when stuff goes quiet in Iraq.

yep and he is worried about himself

Mixed race and British proud
This man defies any words to describe him. A mass murderer. A smiling assassin. A snake oil salesman. A firs class unct of the highest order. As a mixed race person, I can say thanks to 13 years of New Labour and 5 years Scameron, I have never seen such a rise in racism. It’s all you ever hear. I don’t blame whltes for this, I blame the likes of deviants like Blair. We are finding out now that his New Labour cabinet was full of deviants, from every branch of s@xual deviancy, and it now becomes so understandable why we are now a country full of deviants, and being normal and white, is the new OUTCAST. The ucnt opened the doors to every piece of shlt the world could offer.

I pray every night that every member of the New Labour cabinet and Parliamentary Party gets the most painful type of C.A>N.CER. That would only be justice for the millions of dead and trashed countries. Even today 15 years after 666 B;air invaded Iraq the consequences being felt across the middle east and have swept into Europe and the UK.
Please G@d put us all out of our misery and take this human smiling simpering pig and send him to hell for eternity.
Please Blair, go. G@@gle “T@ny Blair charged with importuning outside a mens toilets.” A lot of people get surprised when they read this

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