Blair Blah Blah Blah – Yet Again!

Reform is now on Europe’s agenda. The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain,……

GW: Pre BREXIT the EUSSR had not the slightest intention of reforming Mr Bliar …..

The Ghost of Blair haunts us still.

Jeremy Corbyn has explicitly ruled out membership of the single market.
Jeremy Corbyn isn’t going anywhere.
So, this is just Wishful Thinking.

Get lost Blair. No-one is listening to you. How long is it going to take for you to get the message?

Democracy is the best weapon against corruption. It’s not a complete answer but it does help. When the corruptors and the corrupted have the power to overturn the democratic decision, that is then corruption at its most dangerous, Wake up Britain and see what losing autonomy really means, for everyone.

The question has to be who is the EU. When Blair and Clegg both have self-interest in remaining ( they are families of lawyers ), both have no elected political authority, can simply interfere in the process between the British government and the European Union, we have to ask what the EU is.

Matt Daley
It was Bliar who got us into this mess in the first place, and I note that he still lacks the humility to admit it. If he hadn’t immediately opened the UK to former Eastern Bloc immigration then there wouldn’t have been the entirely justified resentment over freedom of movement.

always writing
i would imagine that a sizeable chunk of the disenfranchised voted to leave. how we are treated, like malodorous vermin. we are a bunch of nobodies. we have no money, power, or influence. so, we can be kicked from pillar to post and no one will complain. of course, our vote can be overturned. they won’t vote for anyone or anything again? who cares. let them take a long run and jump off a cliff. they wont be missed. unless we need to call them up for military service, the way they were for the two world wars. oh, their country needs them then.  after that, they can go back to living underneath their stones, like my family had to. they were tossed aside like trash. who was it said, we will build a home fit for heroes to live in. except you had to be a hero to live here at all. ever since brexit, they have been dragging their feet like a cow going for slaughter. have you ever seen that?
this so-called metropolitan elite see us as a bunch of ignorant swede bashers. uneducated, oafish, blaspheming bigots, real englishmen. you can see their contempt for us in late night programmes like this week or looking at the paper headlines ; oh, the working class this or that. as if they know everything about our lives. such arrogance, scorn and malice.

Still don’t get it do you Tone ? Its the grasping venality of people like you that caused many of us to vote out.

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