Who needs EU?! Massive tourist boost for Britain as holidayers flock to UK in their DROVES


If Brexit is so good for the UK why has sterling dropped 13%.  Surely Leave campaigners should be campaigning against any foreigners coming into the country.

And you’re a maths graduate?? Leavers don’t hate foreigners or immigrants. We just want the numbers controlled and limited to those that the economy needs. And the £ was over valued and needed to fall – try reading a few economics articles instead of just the DE. And stop your black and white approach to Leave / Remain. There are remainers who want immigration controlled too! Bare pass only I’m afraid, certainly not honours!

GW: Brexiteers don’t dislike foreigners – far from it.  We just object to those who want to come to UK Illegally and who intend to filch off us for the rest of their lives while not contributing to the tax take!


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