Ted Baker: A British Success Story

Graham Ruddick
14 Oct 2013

”Earlier this month, Ted Baker reported a 31pc rise in half-year revenues to £155m and a 50pc increase in pre-tax profits to £11.6m. That’s not bad for a man who didn’t dare to name his new fashion company after himself because he was scared it would not work and he would go bankrupt.

Ted Baker is a fictitious character, but Ray Kelvin CBE, a Londoner, is probably the nearest living person to that character. The company has succeeded not despite his unique style, but because of it. His quirkiness, passion and rebellious style runs through everything that Ted Baker does.

“Once we got to the point that we were doing well and making money, I became what I am,” Kelvin explains.
“I had to be quite ugly and assertive for the first seven years to stay in business, but once we got past that, then it was about hug culture. Then it was about how can we make this the best? How can we care for people? How can we make the best food? How could we do the best massage? You know, we have tried so hard to make this a fun place and a fun environment for young, up-and-coming, creative business people.”

Before starting Ted Baker, Kelvin supplied private-label clothing to stores such as Burton. He decided that if he wanted to build a business that “really meant something”, he would have to create a brand. So, Ted Baker was born with a shop in Glasgow, which was away from the spotlight of London.

However, as Kelvin suggests, the first seven years were tough.
“I was in a terrible state,” he explains. “I slept on the floor in the shops. I couldn’t afford to get the stock around the stores. I used to take it in the back of my car. I would often drive to Manchester because I didn’t have the money for the transport companies.”

The turning point for Ted Baker came in the mid Nineties with launch of one particular shirt.
“We created a shirt that everyone in the country for some wonderful reason wanted to wear. It was during the period of Acid House and Garage, and they wore these bright acidy colour shirts. These particular shirts had a really nice soft feel. Even to this day I remember it.”

Ted Baker chairman stepped aside after 11 years

In 2013 ”Ted Baker chairman Robert Breare has stepped down after more than 11 years at the helm of the designer label.”


13 June 2017

Ted Baker Revenue Rises; On Track To Meet Full Year Expectations

By MarketWatch

”LONDON–Ted Baker PLC (TED.LN) said Tuesday its revenue in the last 19 weeks has increased by 14%, and the group anticipates it will meet full year expectations.

Revenue from Jan. 19 to June 10 rose 14% from the comparable period last year, the clothing retailer said. Retail sales and wholesale sales each rose 14%.

Ted Baker said it is positioned to meet the board’s expectations for the full year despite the current uncertain macro environment.”

Ted Baker 2017



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