Teen bride forced to have virginity test kills herself as husband refuses to believe her

In Tajikistan Medical checks before marriage were made compulsory for men and women in 2015 to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but expanded to include virignity tests.”  

The first part of the required checks is commendable but the second part – that’s inequality.  Surely males and females should be subjected to virginity tests in equal measure and if men can’t be successfully tested then that bit of the requirement should be dropped.

The ”stans” should realise that 21 Century Living is not necessarily degenerate.


This is what happens when marriage is forced on to two people by their greedy parents, eager to settle a debt, or enrich themselves via dowry. It is forced on the couple by generations of ignorant ‘tradition’, without any thought for their feelings or impact on their lives. Totally archaic culture, promoted by crass ignorance, which has no place in today’s world. In the photo, the man looks totally fed up and uninterested – almost tearful, while his new ‘wife’ keeps her eyes down but, unusually and immodestly in this culture, has her hand on his shoulder.

Muslims girls are subjected to this degrading procedures are a common practice in all muslims countries. It also takes place in the UK muslim population often – its not discussed.

GW: So they insist that their own women remain virgins yet they are quite happy to engage UK females in under-age sexual activity! The men don’t have to be virgins?

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