FOREIGN AID FURY: Civil servants get £800k in bonuses ‘as cash spent on GYMS in Africa’

”According to new figures 21 of the top civil servants in the Department for International Development (Dfid) were given up to £10,000 totalling £175,000.

Meanwhile another £616,000 was divided between 514 more junior members of staff.”

”The department headed by Priti Patel had given cash to an Ethiopian version of the Spice Girls.

It was also sinking British taxpayers’ money into luxury gyms and hotels in Africa, private hospitals in India, and paying for abortions in third world countries.

So called aid had also been diverted to tax havens via its private equity partner the Commonwealth Development Corporation.”

Indeed “taxpayer waste” is such an apt term for the monies that we pay in tax. A huge proportion of it is frittered away with seemingly no care in the world, It is one of the biggest scandals of the century.

Honestly why is this not classed as criminal money laundering. Hold govt officials accountable.

This news is just the ” TIP OF THE ICEBERGB” – a lot of this aid money is shared between the the despots that run these countries and the people who are in charge of the money from donor countries – “BROWN ENVELOPES ”  -dodgy bank accounts e.t.c .
The whole set up is a massive fiddle.
We want the money to go our own poor and needy, this is just throwing good money after bad, a bloody joke !!!

After working on a job center in Birmingham, dole money should be now classed as overseas aid!

Stamford Raffles
This Dept for International Development (Dfid) should be wound up. The Foreign Office can do what they do anyway.

GW:  African Foreign Aid: Instead of Gyms – why not Swimming Lessons!

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