Who Is Paying The Piper? Part ii


If someone can go into the depths, they will find financial support mainly from the Zi*nist sources who are the main people running a campaign of hate against Muslims. Just ask Nick Griffin, the ex-President of BNP, who was fired when he tried to expose the hijacking of extreme right wing organizations by the Zi*nists for Islamophobic work.

Investigations have proven that Zionists sponsor far right groups. Stating the truth is not racism.

Nick Griffin was fired from the B.N.P for trying to expose the Zionist agenda of importing the Middle East into Europe. The weaker the M.E the easier it is to expand Israels borders into Greater Israel.
There are Israeli N.G.O’s importing migrants into Europe.

This is nothing to do with right or left. We defended our shores against the Nazis and Europe should be doing the same to repulse this invasion from Africa. It seems some, including this rag, want the 1.216 billion Africans to come to Europe. They should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting an illegal invasion—-for it IS illegal and it IS an invasion.

It would at least destroy the business ideas of the human traffickers, which pulls the strongest and youngest from their home communities and at the same time skims off the money these communities “invested” in the young men’s journey – hoping for a return in money sent back. If each of the young men pays on average 5.000 US $ and one takes this by 150.000 per year, this is a considerable loss to the communities left home. In addition, of the money the few successful people send home, the local political leaders take 50%. By this means the local rich not only have an additional income, and they do not have to provide political goods that are costly, no, in addition they export the strongest and bravest among their nation and by that means the most dangerous potential opposition to their own grip on power. To collect the young African men from the Libyan coast is not humanitarian at all. The modern missionaries are as bad as their religious antecedents of the 19th century. It helps to keep conditions in Africa as bad as they are.

If, according to Joe Mulhall “Defend Europe” is a right-wing organization then without shadow of doubt his organization, ” Hope Not Hate “and the rest of the NGOs out there ferrying illegal migrants to Europe are definitely far left out-of-touch luvvies out on a jolly. If you want to do good and save lives then ship the avalanche back to Africa.

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