Theresa May says she ‘shed a tear’ on general election night

The Lady Of Brexit
She left the web, she left the chatroom,
She took three paces to her doom,
She saw the tv pundits gloom,,
She saw the cameras,and the boom,
She looked down to Downing Street…
Out flew the web and floated wide;
The Daily Mirror cracked from side to side;
“The Tories curse is come upon me!,” cried
The Lady of Brexit!

An impossible task. The Maybot 1000 cannot feel pain.

On election eve a van advertising the strong and stable message overturned on the motorway. And May chose a red outfit to her count. The signs were there

Self pitying Thatcher wannabee, shed a tear ! I was distraught that you managed to cling onto power. What about a tear shed for the dead at Grenfell Tower….No, oh ok then what about for the dead from your perverse benefits caps and impossible disability criteria….No, oh ok….What about the people of Turkey or are under the yoke of a despot with weapons provided by well, you !! No, oh ok let´s try this one, what about a tear for those who have not been treated by and have died due to an NHS you have decimated, who remain on gurneys in passageways waiting for a bed in a ward that can´t be staffed!!! No….oh so, you vile self-pitying, venomous witch, you´ll shed a tear for your fall but not for the small yes small sample of people effed over by your government. Tears !!!!!

dank nugman
fake news, this woman, if you can call her that, has no empathy or emotion. She is a soulless scripted puppet of the elites, she obviously isn’t fully conscious because any normal human would have resigned by now. This drone can only repeat, but that’s how this all works, repetition. If you say something enough eventually people will start to believe in it, strong and stable strong and stable strong and stable. NOTHING about this woman is strong and stable, it’s the complete opposite. This is pure psychology. If you even think she is leading us then think again, she is just the PR face of a bigger system, not very good at it either to be honest. It is her job to simply lie to the public repeatedly saying the same things over and over until they sink into to your weak little minds, absorb it. This is democracy. You have the illusion of choice. The illusion of money, an economy. But the reality is, none of this is real, and its starting to become very very obvious.

I was in tears too, tears of laughter watching Dimbleby, Kuensberg and co in denial until about 2:00 am. “We think the exit poll is wrong” Hahahahah

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