Jonathan Bartley In Lancashire Supporting Anti Fracksters @ Preston New Road

”Fracking is dirty, dangerous and expensive. It contaminates local water, soil, and air, and the people of Lancashire said they didn’t want it here – but the Government didn’t listen.
Today, I joined the anti-fracking heroes in Lancashire telling Cuadrilla its drills aren’t welcome in their community.

In a move which put the interests of an energy company’s profit over the wishes of this community, the Government overturned the local decision to stop Cuadrilla fracking for gas here. This community tried to use the democratic process to express their concerns, but they were ignored – and that’s why they’re making this stand.

We’ve seen extraordinary scenes in Lancashire over the last few days. We’ve seen three generations of the same family blockade the fracking site. We’ve seen our own Green Party councillor Gina take part in her first direct action, and get arrested. We’ve seen the amazing 85-year-old Anne Power join the resistance.

The protests have been peaceful. But the police have responded with hostility. The security forces have responded with violence. We’ve seen people held down by the throat, punched in the face, and even run over by a van. We’ve seen what extraordinary lengths fossil fuel companies will do to protect their profits.

But the people of Lancashire will never back down. We will keep fighting to keep fossil fuels where they belong – in the ground – because we know that burning them we jeopardises our ability to meet our climate targets. We should be launching a renewables revolution instead, which would provide clean energy which is cheaper and creates more jobs in the process.

It’s time the Government started listening, because local democracy is the future. Resilient communities are the future. Renewables are the future.
And I can’t thank the people in Lancashire enough for fighting for that future.”

Thanks to Watford Green Party for the link.

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