Cast off! “C-Star” on the way to the Libyan Coast

Published on Jul 8, 2017

Defend Europe said in a statement to The Independent: “As we have stated clearly from the beginning we never planned to and never will hinder any actual rescuing activities. Our plan is to cooperate with the Libyan coastguard and support their efforts to control their waters, to overwatch and expose the NGOs, especially if they breach the new code of conduct by the Italian government.”

C-Star, the boat bought buy Defend Europe with money raised online

“Furthermore we will sink all the abandoned migrant-ships we can find, to drain the financial resources of the trafficking rings.”

The Aussies had the right idea years ago.. Send Back the boats. Let’s deal with these loser countries in their own countries. Europe is not an open house. It is ours.

In the 1950s and 60s all the African countries wanted independence from UK. They got it and look what happened!

‘Hope Not Hate’ is run by Nick Lowles a Zionist.

There is the genuine fear that there is a great replacement happening. Many of the people arriving don’t even like the way we live, and our laws. They will lead to more housing shortages, overloading of services, and more benefits to be paid out to many low, or no wage earners who are also intent on having larger families, (all from polls and stats available). No wonder the ordinary indigenous working class people are getting very upset about the obvious disconnect between the political elites and many of the rest.

If large numbers of people migrate from a failing country to a successful country then both countries lose out.

The migrants are usually the most determined and resourceful people – the very people you need to turn around the fortunes of their homeland. With the less able left behind, the failing country goes further down hill and forces more to leave.

The Bulk of the funding for far left groups comes from George Soros, a Jewish Zionist.  Are they funding both sides again?

These people destroy their own countries then flee and in order to fleece ours as well with the help of the NGO people traffickers. The reason we have a welfare system that can support the poor to a decent standard is because the vast majority of people who live here contribute, somehow I don’t see these people contributing a great deal.

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