Grenfell Tower fire: Angry residents shout ‘arrest someone’ as they heckle council on month anniversary of tragedy

Stephen Ward
I know it must be difficult but try harder to understand. Social housing has rules about occupancy to cut down the risk of fire. Over occupancy of any building puts extra strain on the wiring in a building and on utilities within it. This causes fires and is easy to find this information by a quick google search. Which I know you will not undertake because you seem to like your own ignorance.

Why is there so much mass hysteria, why are there so many unrelated and unofficial organisations involved? Where were they before this tragedy? It would appear that there are many untrustworthy people with axes to grind, rather than considering the immediate needs of the victims and their families. They are using this tragedy as a pretext to ferment trouble. Calm must be restored and the authorities allowed to get on with the recovery operation.

So the myth 1s exposed at last, immigrants do come to Britain for benefits. Grenfell mostly housed immigrants, and Grenfell is subsidised housing.

I’ve being exposing this lie for 2 decades

Yup. That’ll come out in the public enquiry too I suspect. It’s going to be interesting. The only thing worse than not getting what you want is… As the Left are about to discover.

Ava Banana
We’ve always been told immigrants don’t qualify for social housing either. Another massive lie.

I think anyone who has lived in London will know it is extremely unlikely that there would only be the official residents staying there. Why is every other flat in London packed to bursting but not here? Also residents can expect a very long and protracted investigation that we can already see is drowning in detail, that will make some general ‘statements of the obvious’ and certainly never identify the clearly culpable Boris, Theresa, George or David. Finally, doubt we will be seeing these public meetings going forward. To the guy who said they are trying to paint us as ‘Savages’, whatever you do, anyone who raises the issue of State terrorism will be called that by the tptwtb.

Rupert Brooke
What’s stopping them holding people in jail is the difference between the UK government with its laws and legislature, and some tin-pot emergent nation with a repressive regime and a propensity for lynching before evidence has been assessed and accountability determined. I think you are wanting to turn the clock back to the Middle Ages, my friend.

Carol McPhee
Because you cannot just arrest people with no grounds….let them get on with investigating so they get the right ones, not some scapegoat or innocent . You cannot blame (for example) a junior architect who was told it passed existing fire regulations .
Deleting” files on computers does not mean an expert cannot get them back.

Where has the seventeen million pounds reported to have been raised for the survivors gone?

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