The Great Repeal Bill – which does the opposite of what it says – could be the Brexit act that finishes off Theresa May

The Great BREXIT Lie – As UK Column said today the Repeal Bill is not such thing – it is actually about enshrining EUSSR Law in UK so that we will end up with the French System of ”guilty until proved innocent”.

Theresa May: Mistakes were made but I will STAY as PM for a ‘few years’

You aren’t kidding she’s made a few mistakes. MANY mistakes in her role as Home Secretary and then as PM.

She’s all talk and no action – too ready to pass the buck, incompetent and dangerous.
As the poster just below me says, she has approved Sharia law and at least one UK court judge to also preside over a sharia court. She has allowed 500 or so extremists BACK IN just for saying sorry for joining IS in Syria. She dragged her heels over giving the EU our notice allowing all kinds of miscreants to try to thwart it.

Then her crazy gamble over the snap election – and as usual passing the buck by making “her advisors” who told her to do so, leave.

Note Terry’s familiar body shape in the pic on the left. Head bent forward and spine curved. Designed to hide the height and shape cf the woman in front.

I’m appalled the people of this country are not literally up in arms at what this Prime Minister has up her sleeve, by the time she has given permission for Sharia law, EU rule themselves in England, not forgetting the indigenous folk, by this time, she has brought Anarchy, lawlessness in the streets – things you have seen on your tv news, it’s a familiar pattern even in the US it follows these events. Yet they don’t learn from mistakes. Theresa May should step down before she is forced to go. She does NOT have our best interests at heart. She is delusional if she thinks she can carry on with her selfish ambitions in Politics, to ride rough shod over the British people – dragging us into a third world country. We will help anyone, if and when we can afford it, without being obsessed with bending over backwards trying to please everyone, all for notoriety. Get rid of May.


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