Gilad Atzmon: ”Roger Waters is also subject to a vile Zionist smear campaign”

Pink Floyd Reunited With Roger Waters 12 Years Ago

Published on Oct 12, 2013

Thanks to Tap Newswire for the link.

GW: This gentle & talented British musician has apparently become the subject of an Is-ra-Hell Hate Campaign.  Why? Is it jealousy?  Israel hasn’t got an asset anywhere near the talent level of Roger Waters and as they are absolutely obsessed with trying to control all narratives, and all income streams, this is a problem for them. They are incapable of ”live & let live” philosophy.  So, they have produced a shouty film called ”Wish You Weren’t Here” whereby they appear to blame Waters single handedly for a rise in anti Semitsm. Oh for goodness’ sake! That tired old chestnut again. How long? Anti-Semitism CAN’T BE Anti-jewish. The word Semite actually describes all of the people of the Middle East pretty much. Why doesn’t Is-ra-Hell get its facts right ffs!  And why not try some introspection?  Could it be that the rest of us are getting pretty sick of being called racists at the slightest opportunity by Is-ra-Hell if we happen to ask questions about their brutish behaviour towards their neighbours or if we say ISIS is Israel Secret Intel Service etc.  We have a right to our opinions!  It’s a free country isn’t it?  If they didn’t shout about always being the ”victim’ all the time they would probably get along a lot better.  They are just so crass whereas Waters is so totally smooth.  Sorry that’s the breaks.  Waters is not alone in his opinion either apparently.

”In April, over 50 prominent figures, including Waters, Thurston Moore, Desmond Tutu and filmmaker Ken Loach, signed a petition urging Radiohead to cancel their Israel performance next month as part of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement that began in 2005.”

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