Loud explosions heard as huge fire engulfs Weybridge medical centre, Surrey

”Loud Bang” Tuesday night – 11 July 2017. 11/7. Hmmm


Too many now to call them coincidental. We saw the frequent “mysterious” car fires in Sweden until they were pulled from the media, equally we have seen those in France and Germany, so when are the authorities going to come clean?

This was an arson crime. There have been a number of arson attacks lately. When are the authorities going to intervene to tackle the emergency?

No Conspiracy with Fires of design. Someone is responsible and I don’t think its a member of the public. These fires are intentional planned events to intimidate and to cause a distraction. In the USA they call such events False Flag attacks. But our lot are trustful and wouldn’t do such a thing now would they .

London’s burning and it is all about brexit someone is blackmailing Theresa May don’t give in to the bastards and when you get them throw away the key. The UK voted in a democratic way to get out of the hell hole new world order EU and that is what we are doing. BREXIT MEANS BREXIT so except it our get out the country.

Another EU fire.

Oh their pants have been on fire for over 40 years

Wake up and smell the coffee second huge fire in two days First Campden Market now this notice how they go up with so much ease just like Grenfell

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