UK Column News 10th July 2017

George Greek Trucker

I think we all take too much notice of the MSM (Main Stream Media). MSM is nothing more than propaganda organs of the “DEEP STATE”, and that same “Shadow Government” reaches deep inside our own nation. I personally am delighted that Trump and Putin spent a reasonable time together. I think Trump’s “inexperience” on the world stage shows – but that, I think, is a good thing. He is changing how politics functions. We NEED CHANGE. He is quite genuine I am sure. The “SWAMP” unfortunately is in fact a “LAKE”, and some of its “waves” reach us here in the UK. We need a completely cleaning out of Parliament and our Security Services, MI5, MI6, and GO2. We want our NATION BACK.

Rubin Schmidt – > Gez501.
Dumbkopf Englander the war of he the winning has, nicht… Meanwhile, the cream of the “field tested” Waffen S.S. High Command moves Operations to their new bunker, in Washington under the Command of Waffen S.S. Brigadefuhrer Fritz Gustave Kraemer, the U.S.’s new Chief of Staff, Army Operations, and under the watchful eye of Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence, East, Lt. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, with his S.S. staff, the CIA Gehlen Org. Und wenn der Britischer schwenhund has to the pub gone, to the singing and dancing is doing, ….. under the protection of the New World Model Wehrmacht, the Party Politik, our Council on Foreign Relations, reinstate the glorious Fuhrer’s dream of his Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, the “European Economic Community” est. Berlin 1942. Englandt ist Kaput is being. Long live Gauleiter’s May.. Merkel.. and Machron. Gott bless the Units in Region 9, West Atlantic Zone 1, Long live the 3rd Reich (a thousand years.) Bolshevik/Zionist/Globalist/Bilderberger/ New World Order (Neue Weltordnung) . !!!

GW:  Hmmm Neo Global Libtart with ”faux German” – whatever.  Let me tell you something for free Rubin:

Die Briten sind nicht in der Trinkwasser Haus.  Sie sind in den Schützenlöchern mit der Füchse. Sie sind bereit für die MayBot und ihre bösartigen Freunden!

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