Question Time: 6 July 2017

John Moore

Published on Jul 7, 2017
Location: Burton on Trent, England.

Topics Include: Public sector pay rises; the worthiness of Foreign Aid; whether a “hard Brexit” is the REAL will of the people & student fees.

Boniface, Susie.
(Independent, Journalist)

Burgon, Richard.
(Labour Party)

Lucas, Caroline.
(Green Party of England & Wales)

Oliver, Craig.
(Conservative Party, Media Executive & Public Relations Adviser)

Rees-Mogg, Jacob.
(Conservative Party)

mike casanave
51:09 The reason more kids go to Uni is because there are less opportunities in Industry thanks to Thatchers policies of turning this country from a manufacturing base into a service base. That evil CUNT will live in infamy what she and her party did to the UK.

mike casanave
48:46. Old two names is using that old trick of trying to deflate a major issue with a minor issue. That tricks as old as the Roman Senate where it was used with great influence.

mike casanave
46:42. Considering all those MP’s got a FREE uni ed in the past then why should we have to pay now? Universities should be on merit only. Only foreigners should be charged for it.

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