Camden Market Fire: Extent of devastating blaze at iconic lock

This is a tragedy for Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi who purchased 71% of Camden Market in April valuing the Market at £892.5 million, mind you, I’m fairly sure it will be well insured and prime real estate that size in Camden is worth £billions

Why am I getting a hint of anti semitism reading your comment?

Are you sure that Teddy Sagi is a Semite?

GW: Sagi is more likely to be a Khazar.  Using the word ”semite” to describe the Jewish race is illogical because the whole of middle east is semite and the Palestinians are actually included in this group as are other Arabs so ”anti-semite” refers to being against Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews & Arabs & Uncle Tom Cobley & All.

Not certain but hasn’t there been attempts at getting rid of the market previously

Somebody somewhere
A couple of big fires ( 2008 and 2014 if I am not wrong ), but it was never proven they were intentionally started.

GW:  Tptwtb certainly love their fire ceremonies don’t they.  Jew-ne & Jew-ly.  Oh have you seen the Wicker Man the Wicker Man the Wicker Man?  Oh have you seen the Wicker Man who pays the price to Baal?

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