Jason Chaffetz Just Uncovered The Truth About Loretta Lynch And She Wants It Buried

To Tell The Truth
Published on Jul 5, 2017

Mystery Behind Suicides and Jason Chaffetz Resignation

Mr. Smith (edited)
I have heard reports Chaffetz is leaving early due to his family being threatened because he is trying to push a bill thru to audit the Fed. So the Rothchilds and the bilderberg’s and the elite are after him because if you audit the Federal Reserve you might find out what a big Ponzi scheme the elite are doing upon America. why do you think Eisenhower was the last president to audit the Fed because they don’t want you to know the truth.

Jennifer DuVall
He’s been threatened, along with his family. The same thing happened to Trey Gowdy...he is now under 24 hour federal protection.

King Ofpain
Chaffets leaving has Red Flag Warning written all over it, this will bring more attention to the Globalists pushing him out than anything else possibly could.


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