September 23, 2017 ‘End Times Prophecy’, False Second Coming & Alien Arrival, Project Blue Beam 👽

Anonymous Farm
”eclipse to occur August 21st”
Published on Jun 13, 2017

Mik C
We are in Hollywood. Holograms in the sky seem more believable than ET’s. if we can tunnel seven miles a day in Granite Bedrock, I imagine, projecting pictures on a sky screen is elementary. We are taxed to discern the skin from the onion using perspective to illuminate what lies hidden.

Hope Wins
Right now the Holy Spirit holds them back and they can only do it in secret right now. If they tried to reveal themselves now, Christians would speak against it and the deception wouldn’t work. But if the sky cracked open and there was a massive earthquake and people went missing, all the ding dongs who never bothered to know Jesus or to have the Holy Spirit will fall for the garbage because they don’t have the word in them. The ones smart enough to figure it out will be highly persecuted. So your video is misleading people to concentrate on what the devil is doing when what people need to be focused on is what is God doing because He is ultimately in charge and only allows these judgements so that people will turn and trust in Him and not the world. That is repeated over and over in the Bible if people would read it. Also, God made the stars. He used the Bethlehem star. He doesn’t want people to use stars to predict their personal futures but He can use them as signs like Rev 12, which is a perfect depiction of how those stars appear in the sky over Jerusalem on the Feast of Trumpets. What are the chances of it? Did the devil make those stars? No. Besides that, look at all the other signs (massive animals dying, irradic weather, earthquakes, disease, people being lovers of pleasure and money, evil is good and good is evil, children disrespecting their parents and on and on). All the new age believers will fall for this deception because they are already falling for some 5th dimension lie trying to open their third eye which is demonic.

Robert Breaker

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