Proof Wikileaks is the Deep State in Sheep’s Clothing

Johnny SuperTramp 3
Published on Jun 22, 2017

Return of Zeus
The DeCavalcante Crime family of New Jersey were a branch of the House of Sanseverino which ruled counties and principalities in Sicily and Italy. Many of the Italian crime families were from the House of Sanseverino which was one of the largest princely families of Italy and Sicily. The founder of the New Jersey faction Sam DeCavalcante even claimed to be Italian royalty. The Counts of Sicily were serving the higher level royalty of Italy and princes of the Papal States like the Savoy, Colonna, Massimo, and Gaetani families. The show the “Sopranos” is based on the DeCavalcante family which is another example of Hollywood glorifying the Italian Mafia. De-Caval-cante means “The Counts of Cava”. Cante etymologically is connected to the words sing or chant but also to the word count. Cava de’ Tirreni is a city in Campania Italy that was governed by the Sanservino family. Cava was granted a form of sovereignty by the Medici Pope Leo X. The Sicilian Nobility have always been working with the Vatican and Black Nobility just as the mafia clans work with them. Jimmy Palermo appears to be the head of the Decavalcante crime family and he is one evil twisted bastard.

The House of Adragna of Sicily and Calabria still hold their titles of counts and barons today and they are covertly managing factions of the Sicilian Mafia like Ndrangheta factions in Calabria which takes its name from the Greek word anDRAGathi. Benedetto Adragna is from this princely family and was recently an Italian Senator. The head of this family today is Baron Francesco Adragna. Jack Dragna was the boss of the Los Angeles crime family and many of his relatives were top members. The Los Angeles crime family should probably be called the Dragna crime family but that would be too obvious with the connection to the princely House of Adragna in Sicily. The Los Angeles crime family have major influences over Hollywood. The Zerilli crime family of Detroit has a similar name as the Inzerillo crime family of Sicily. They are likely from the same Sicilian clan and their name is connected with the Zara dice game. The Zerilli crime family are involved with gambling like most of La Cosa Nostra. Jack Giacalone the boss the Zerilli crime family also has a close resemblance to Prince Carlo Odescalchi. The Detroit Partnership and DeCavalcante crime family are still very active and possibly the strongest mafia factions in America.

The Italian Unification was an intentional move carried out by the Black Nobility which unified Italy under the House of Savoy. This disestablished the Papal States which took the Black Nobility out of the spotlight. They then used the House of Savoy to put Benito Mussolini in power and he established the Vatican as a sovereign nation through the Lateran Treaty of 1929. The Black Nobility covertly transferred their power over to the Vatican with the top families having a portion of ownership over the Holy See which is a corporation. The lower level nobilities in Sicily did not retain their authorities so they were pushed towards organized crime by the Freemasonic Jesuit Giuseppe Mazzini. Italian princes call themselves dons just as mafia bosses call themselves dons. The Sicilian mafia clans are former Sicilian Nobility and many of them were already involved with piracy. Vincenzo Gambi was an Italian pirate. Gambi like Gambino. The intentional disestablishment of the papal states was a military tactic known as the “feigned retreat” just as the false claims by the media that La Cosa Nostra has been taken down while all they have done is become more quiet and more covert. The Black Nobility’s La Cosa Nostra have been using the feigned retreat tactic as they are attempting a full take over in the United States.

Return of Zeus
Prince Mario Chigi Albani is a high level prince of Rome and him and his son Prince Flavio Chigi Albani are controlling the Albanian Mafia. The Albani family were an Albanian papal nobility that gave Albania its name. The Albanian House of Zogu is serving the Italian Nobility through knighthoods. I believe that the Chigi family have Babylonian-Chaldean ancestry and their name derives from the Hebrew word Shigionoth. The Chigi family is also intermarried with Holy Roman princely families like the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Prince Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere was the Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta during WWII and he married Princess Anna Aldobrandini who had Rochefoucauld French noble lineage. Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel is currently a member of the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta. Many Nazis were Knights of Malta. There was also a holocaust in Albania during WWII. The Chigi family use their authority from Rome over secret societies and the Albanian Mafia to persecute people that the Black Nobility declared as heretics. The Chigi famly is ruthless and working day and night to carry out a holocaust in the United States.

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