Bank of England chief Mark Carney ‘takes £5,000 a week’ of taxpayers’ money to pay rent

Austerity? What austerity?

Vivienne C

Another greedy foreigner.

This is wrong why should he and people like him get all this, he is only doing a job like the rest of us. What makes him and people like him a special case. Let him pay his own F rent why should we have to pay it for him. This also applys to all the greedy r soles who think because they have a high ranking job gives them the go a head to rob the rest of us. This is exactly why we have class war, politicians think because they have a government position gives them the right to rob us blind because they have no one looking over their shoulders when they rob the rest of us. This needs to stop .

”John Longworth, who resigned as director general of the British Chambers of Commerce in order to join the Vote Leave campaign against EU membership, recalled how he was warmly greeted by Mr Corbyn minutes after declaring that Britain would be better off outside Europe.”

Complainer, Hard Brexit HQ, UK ex EUSSR
It just shows how corrupt the weasel was when John Longworth was fired (for supporting Brexit) and Carnage remained in post (for lying and unethically supporting Project Fear).

Colin W
Cameron, Osborne and Carney have been a disaster for the UK”s economy. None believe in the country and all have played their part in weakening the pound. The exceptionally low interest rate strategy is actually fuelling a recession and over inflated house prices. The bust will happen soon. No doubt after Carney has received his bonus and left the role.

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