UK Sleepwalking Into Hypno-Communism 2017?

With Thesis (Corbyn) & Anti-Thesis (Terry May)?

”No opt out to having your data stolen by Google.”?????
Published on Jul 6, 2017

Google still stealing Medical Data from UK Patients? Time for action against Eric Schmidt & Co.

Author Robert Steele’s ”Bucket List” Of ”Let’s Do’s” Includes:

02 #GoogleGestapo — the hashtag I propose to cover the activities of the rackerteering-like campaign by Eric Schmidt, Google and Google surrogates like Adroll and YouTube, as well as Twitter and Facebook to censor stories about PizzaGate, PedoGate, and other activists concerns including toxic medicine, food, water, and air, may well be the challenge of our decade. Combined with the fake news mainstream and “progressive” media self-censorship on this topic, we clearly need something based in Iceland. ”

”I am told $50M will be enough to create a Google killer that also takes out Facebook and Twitter, working with some blockchain folks in that direction. #GoogleGestapo does it for me.”

Corporatism is not Capitalism… the only way a Business can become corporate is with the help of an interventionist Government, making them a monopoly. When you give the Government Socialistic powers to control the economy (like in Communism), that is what creates the environment for corruption and monopolies, because the big business can then get the State to put restrictions on the economy that curbs free market enterprise, thus destroying competition.

This is the principle for why the only winners in Communism are the Oligarchs, because it destroys free individual enterprise whilst securing that of the monopolies. And yes, hundreds of millions died under the soviet system due to artificial famines, mass relocation and political purges that killed around 20 million. Communism is innately authoritarian, because it is inherently ideological, the heretics must be killed for it to function, as happened after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, there was civil war in which those who rejected Communism (the workers, not the elites) were killed, and then under Stalin that killing was continued, even making their own Nazi style concentration camps (Gulags). And Lenin wasn’t such a great guy either, just look at some of the stuff he said about indoctrinating children and control through intimidation.

The modern economy is not one of Free Market Capitalism, which should be obvious to everyone… and todays economy didn’t result from a free market either, but from State intervention and Central Banks, etc.

carrie patten
I believed Freemasonry was mandatory for all politicians. Australia full of it. Also interesting in Oz how many pollies attended Jesuit schools here.

Davy spilani
Realy great vid,, yes Cultural Marxism, Socialism and Communism are the Evil in this world, if there is such a thing as evil. The suppression of individualism,…

Mark Elliott
So Theresa May and her band of half wits are Marxsts? LOL. Since Thatcher we have had right wing governments in power in the UK that protect the City of LOndon, the Corporations and the Rich. That’s not Communism nor Marxism, that’s Fascism.

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