‘Trump is RIGHT’ Top Hungarian official says ‘civilised world is under attack’


He is correct albeit the public in the UK have been saying as much for thirty years and nothing has been done. Someone, some body has instigated this surge of people into Europe, few you would consider refugees and their weapon has been ‘sympathy’ which has been endorsed by the media. Month after month we were bombarded with sympathy stories and pictures yet we try to respond to this, terrorism and immigration and our right to respond is shut down by our newspapers. There is a collusion ‘somewhere’ to change the face of Europe and the finger must point to Merkel and her inner sanctum carrying out the plan of a bigger body.

I will risk verbal taunts, humiliation and perhaps death by saying Trump is absolutely right – as it is time to get your country back. Promote national identities encourage pride in the nation, protect your heritage and fight for the restoration of your country and its way of life. Be Italian, be Hungarian, be Spanish and be British and don’t listen to Cultural Marxist Ideologues.

The civilised world is indeed under attack but mostly from traitors from within rather than ISIL operatives. Sadly many of these attacks are caused by our own Government.

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