BREAKING Pentagon Just Terminated Trey Gowdy’s Grasp on Hillary Clinton

The Hill Gossip
”Hollywood threatens to ”go on strike” saying it’s time Trump recognises that they are the ones with the power.”

GW: You what? Go on strike then. The stuff you churn out these days is plastic plots & mind numbingly awful. Haven’t paid to see a Movie in years.  

”They” are STILL really hurting.

Published on Jul 3, 2017

No one wants Follywood to stop doing its thing.”????
I do. I couldn’t care less. I got rid of my TV 2-3 years ago and have not missed a thing. I’ve been thinking of writing letters to local movie chains that if they show particular movies featuring certain actors/actresses there will be mass protests in their parking lots, and cannot guarantee that patrons’ cars will be in the same shape as when they entered the theater. And also go after Walmart and Target if they carry films by Streep et al. Hitler had his favorite celebrities he used; this is a page out of Goebbels’ play book, largely funded by that old Nazi Soros.

just maybe with hollyweird shut down, those you speak of will band together and create a “new and improved” media experience? just maybe………. Never know how creative people are unless you give them a chance.  Good Idea.

De Dncn
To the Certain ‘real-fakes’ in Hollywood that ‘fake-act’ for ‘real-money’ from America’s
We The People!
Don’t Need You! LOL!
I laughed out-loud,
Certain ‘fakes’ striking!🤣
Go ahead Punk!
Make my Day!🇺🇸

Victoria Stevens (edited)
De Dncn – Ah ha ha ha ha, yes yes they can go ahead n go, face the West coast when they get there they can go straight left at the end of the peer, we should put a plank on the end of each one, 🙂 … with their hands tied so they can’t hurt nothing else. They ought to all be sentenced to Epstein’s Island for life. THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM!!! Never to return to America AGAIN! Bye, see ya, we really don’t MIND NO FEAR here, bye

I have a bunch of Books, DVD’s, computer, I can survive without Hollywood go on strike who cares

Debbie Mueller
Think Foreign films too, there are many good ones. Did you know Hollywood has been trying to take these companies over?

Ken Howard
WINE WINE WINE want some CHEESE with that WINE, I could care less with HOLYWhINERS. There are more movies on the internet than I could watch in a lifetime!!!!!!

Bev Min
katherine harvey ~ You are wrong. TREY GOWDY IS FINE!! He had two men from DC going to Arkansas to check out the Klintons and THEY were found dead and had been buried alive. Two more men on the Klintons’ LONG list of dead bodies. They likely would have found information on Slick Willy during his time as governor. I don’t doubt that their reign of terror started way back in the 70s. No woman in her right mind would stay with a man who’s had so many affairs, but she only cares about POWER and believes she is special for God only knows why.

God only knows this country has been through enough during Barry Insane’s administration. Who the hell are you to say that about Congressman Gowdy, one of the BEST MEN IN CONGRESS?!! Maybe you should get the FACTS before putting something that major out there in ALL CAPS. Fool.

David Smalley
The Clinton’s Control Our Government… Just ask ANY of their tens of thousands of Victims… Posted in Loving memory of The Forgotten Victims of Tainted Blood USA.. The Clinton’s victims from “The worst medical treatment disaster in world History” Americans have no clue happened… the Arkansas prison Blood scandal cover up will never be forgotten by the families you widowed and orphaned.. Posted by Smalley MD.

Michael Smalley ago
Stalling tactics used by the Clintons’ cover up machine spans back to even before the Arkansas prison Blood scandal. If Americans had been allow to know that Clinton broke State and Federal Law to spread of AIDS and hepatitis Across America and around the world after the Public would have never elected him president. He stalled the class action they WON against him just long enough to get into office where he could gag order all evidence against him and deny them Any form of justice.

Gary Lee
Google illuminati, you get US armed Forces. Federal Reserve has been running the government for years, Kennedy tried to remove them and took some lead for it. Everyone has their hand in the till….Trump is an outsider that’s trying to stop them….. Best of Luck, Donald

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