David Cameron Snipes From The Shadows – Part ii


You have to laugh at him don’t you? This pathetic man never had the strength to face anyone down…least of all that alcoholic Junker. He couldn’t stand up for the UK despite saying he would…and made us look the laughing stock of the EU. He promised to stay until article 50 was worked and done but when he lost the referendum he ran away like the spoilt posh boy he is…too scared to face the hard word and hard decisions. He left this country in the lurch! Now he is trying to make some sort of come back by trying to force his opinions on other Tory MP’s who do not want us to leave the EU.
Traitors all of you! You are paid by the British people to work for THEM not yourselves. The leave voters won and you should not be trying to gainsay that for your own financial interests. Every MP in this country should be working to make this exit a success and this country great. Instead…half of you pathetic excuses are too busy fighting imaginary battles with each other and hanging the people of this country out to dry

Cameron is now confirming our belief that he nothing more than a traitor to the 17 million plus people that voted to leave the EU lock stock and barrel.

Demonstrates quite clearly that his “cap in hand” visit with a request for certain “re-negotiations” he was lying to the country about his intentions,
the EU negotiators knew this, and rejected them, pathetic though they
were. This country has a huge underbelly of traitorous, lying politicians
desperate to stop Brexit. We really do have to support Mrs. May, she
is not perfect, but she is determined to see this through properly.
So many others equally determined to stop it. There are more than
17 million of us who will rise up if the likes of Blair, Clegg, Cameron
get Brexit so watered down that it will not have been worth the
hassle. I am furious. Cameron, you are a disgrace.

How Ironic that DC offered the country a referendum to Leave or Stay and now they voted to Leave he does not want to uphold the Majority Vote! OUR Mp’s are too bloody soft in this country as none of them want to fight the corner of the British People !

When you take the Bilderberg shilling, you have to do their bidding. I will never believe he resigned of his own accord. He was made to go so he couldn’t sign Article 50 the next day. Whose will could be diverted by this failure of a man, not mine for sure.

Cameron is a fake and liar he had intention of getting a better deal from the EU he was playing us for fools. He is playing a dangerous game.

CamelMan in Cornwall

GW: Where is the CamelMan these days anyhow? It’s Wimbledon yet he’s nowhere to be seen at Centre Court.  He’s such a big tennis fan isn’t he? And in summertime doesn’t CamelMan usually hit the surf in Cornwall?????  He certainly is ”Standing in the Shadows” of something at the moment.  


Politicians like Clegg, Blair, Cameron etc. etc. etc. arrogantly believe they know better than the rest of us, and that they, and they alone, have the right to determine the future of Great Britain. It is only when kicked out of office that they show their true colours. Osborne is another one … sacked, so now spends his time trying to ruin the Conservative party with a newspaper.

He is known to be distraught about the prospect of going down in history as the prime minister who triggered the country’s departure from the EU by calling the referendum and then going on to lose it.

Distraught! he should be hung, drawn and quartered for the damage he caused Britain. His level of uselessness, was only exceeded by ‘grey peas’ himself, John ‘Looney Tune’ Major.

Why are we having to read the quisling Cameron’s undemocratic agenda to undermine brexit. I know he wants a job with the EUSSR lots of pay for no work.

GW:  Yep CamelMan is definitely a ”shirker” rather than a ”worker.”

The 2010 Cameron Quiff.

Imagine if Cameron had been a Trump – went over to Brussels and said “this £75 billion trade surplus you run with the UK year after year – well you have three years to close it by really opening up your markets to UK goods and services and by investing to rebuild UK industry – three years or we impose punitive anti dumping tariffs” now I would have voted for that.

GW:  Well in 2010, CamelMan certainly had a ”hairdo” of similar grandiosity to that of Trump – one which was so grand that it was rumoured to have to travel in its own vehicle – and a similar body shape……

jonny reggae
Unfortunately, yes he is!!…A fatty little tûrd, with not enough fibre in the diet, he keeps bobbing his stinking head up!!!...A good dose of Cillit Bang & a plunger is needed!!!...Our country seems to be full of these bobbing tûrds, intent on bringing us down!!…No more!!!…Cillit Bang at the ready people!!!

Why doesn’t Cameron, this despicable and traitorous politician, just go and find a discreet place to hide somewhere, and never come back-
No politician has done more damage to the Conservative Party than this yesterday man, and he is a hot contender for the worst national leader in living memory, and that’s not for lack of competition for that dishonour.

I still want to punch him

Sorry but you need to get in the very long line.

It’s a very long queue Jack there are millions waiting to do that.

Can you imagine – if you were a senior politician – and you called a referendum – that you would back one side when you could have stayed aloof – I mean how stupid is that – Cameron always was a few knives short of a cutlery drawer

Switzerland has numerous referenda every year on key subjects – they recently voted to stop building any more mos ques – once the vote is counted everyone respects it even if it’s a tight vote (and Brexit wasn’t) everyone – young – old – politicians – Anyone who disrespected a vote would be shouted down even by the losing side. The Swiss respect and value their democracy – it’s what underpins their success as a nation and their incredible standard of living – the Swiss are smart enough to realise that disrespecting democratic votes is a very slippery and dangerous path – it’s too bad that many of our so called leaders don’t respect democracy in the same way

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