East Angrier: ”Britons voted to leave the EU over a year ago & many are aggravated that it has taken this long to begin divorce negotiations.”

East Angrier: Norfolk ranters on Brexit, dog poo and ‘mum’s driving’

Norfolk Now
Published on Jul 5, 2017

brexit as this chap says was not what we voted for !the ballot paper said “LEAVE”or “REMAIN” no where on that ballot sheet was the name brexit appearing !
brexit, was invented by a chap called peter wilding, founder and director of the influential think tank, and campaigned to keep the uk in the eu! so a pro remainer invented this word so that it could be used against the peoples vote, by diluting the word leave!  you cannot have a soft, hard leave! but you can manipulate a brexit leave ie soft brexit hard brexit! he even has the audacity to say “it certainly gives one the moral authority to say what it means! ” here with the help of the establishment is why brexit is used instead of leave, leave means in my dictionary to exit, depart,!

we voted leave and leave means just that, to exit to depart!  anything else is a betrayal of the people’s vote to leave!  there are many who seek to overturn the referendum for their own personal gain ie eu brussels pensions, jobs, when most of europe is coming here for work when we have 1.3 million on the dole[jsa] as an example, was there a legal basis for us to join the eec in 1973 without a referendom or general election if there was please come on here and explain how the people were not allowed to have a say in having their sovereignty given to brussels? how we became citizens of europe and not subjects to hm!  as was the case uptill 1973!  sorry kids but you don’t know the history of how we were conned into joining the said etc!  and now you are being conned by commies and marxists and traitors to sell your country and your future, what you will have if we leave, but not if you stay!  4 recessions in my life time, all under the European banner all whist we were in europe! and just look at the unemployment rates for the young 40% in the eu that is no future! a lost generation that is what that means don’t hear much about that do you! from mr scruffy, nutty greens, mad sturgeon, the lib plonks and some mad tories ?!!

GW:  Goodness – Yorkshire based?

He is right. Look at how you’re being played on Brexit it’s simple:

When you go to court to talk about BREXIT they define BREXIT as leaving the EU, its rules, its regulations and all the sh¡t that is the EU and you have in front of you the exit strategy.

It’s clearly defined- see article 50.

All that then needs to be determined is which Trade Tarriffs you want to continue under which are also clearly and simply defined.

As soon as you say we want Hard Brexit they ask what is soft Brexit?

Then some clever twonk lawyer in a suit says it’s this, this and this then that subject of Soft Brexit which has no real basis is then opened up for discussion and becomes the defining topic and terms of Brexit or Leaving the EU.

Can you see how that works?

You bring what’s called ”reasonable doubt” into an argument that has no place being there. It’s what sneaky lawyers and politicians do and have been doing for centuries and we are still falling for it.

Brexit is simply leaving the EU.

When you leave a room you don’t Hard exit the Room.

When you leave a Golf Club you don’t hard exit the Golf Club.

Do not get drawn into their scheming games and insist on calling Brexit ‘leaving the EU nothing more nothing less…

It’s a good example of how undemocratic a lot of remoaners are. soft brexit ? brexit lite ? fat free brexit … FFS on the 23 June 2016 the voting UK population voted to leave the EU and all things attached to it … I READ CAMORONS leaflet that came thru the door at a £9,000,000 expense and it clearly said LEAVE THE EU cutting ALL TIES. IF you want to stay in theEU, F. Off and book a ferry.

Cameron’s secret Brexit SABOTAGE: Ex-PM ‘calling MPs to urge them to oppose May’s plans’http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/825225/David-Cameron-Brexit-deal-MPs-Norway-Theresa-May
Corrupt, Treacherous R A T…. Keep You’re Big Mouth SHUT.
Cameron is intent with destroying the Conservative party. A man who has achieved nothing apart from Gay Marriage, Why is he along with Blair not facing the international courts for what he did in Libya?
Can he be prosecuted for sedition now that he’s no longer an MP? It would serve as an example for all the others.
Alien In This World
Cameron’s ides were rejected.
He is yesterday’s man.
No, Archameleus is right, a wimp.

Chris Andrews / Yesterday Man ( 1965 )

The country has voted…end of! When these young people read the history of the EU and learn about how successful we were before joining the corrupt EU, then maybe they can vote. At the moment they are like lemmings and don’t have an original thought!

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