Bill Gates’ U-Turn Part ii

Do these countries not have a navy to stop the ships/boats BEFORE they leave port???

Yes.. but a blind eye is being turned. The local gov in these countries are getting a cut of the fees paid to cross.

@tk6048– Yes they do have a navy and turning them back is no problem at all. It is not even difficult to make the ones already in Europe/Britain go back, just stop the welfare and put the army on the streets to keep things under contro lwhen they get hungry. After a few days they will be howling to leave. It is not done because the political will is not there, and people are too frightened to vote in someone who will do the job. Look up the COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN FOR WHITE GENOCIDE – in particular Race and Religion. All will start to become clear.

A Gentle Reader
1 migrant for Europe. 0 for the USA.
1 pirate MS copy by migrants. 0 sales for MS.
Binary – The only language Bill understands.

Makes a change. British politicians and social commentators have been labelling ordinary people as racist bigots for speaking the same.

Too late to close the gate after the horse has bolted Bill!! You and your global elite caused the stampede as a way to destroy the European culture and race. Well, you have succeeded. Even if Europe manages to stop the flow, the present numbers already in Europe will have an average of 8 children, at least every second year and will in the very near future outnumber the ethnic European people, creating Eurabia…

Sounds as if Gates has a holiday home in Europe and his new neighbours are fresh off the boat squatters… why else would he care about stopping them reaching Europe?

I was thinking that his wife probably wants to do Christmas in Sweden or Germany.

he doesn’t like that they are all using the latest Apple products and not Microsoft

love the fact gates praises germany for the amount they spend on foreign aid, yet his own country plus the UK give more than germany. No praise for them though lol…. you kiss that german arse, gates!!!!

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